When it comes to interior design, your walls are like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a work of art. Wooden wall designs add a touch of elegance and character to any room, while also making the upkeep of your home hassle-free. 

Wooden wall panels protect walls from staining, exterior damage, or water seepage, and they don’t have to be repainted. There are multiple wall panels on the market, each with unique features that complement different interiors. Therefore, anyone can find a design to suit their preferences.

Types of wood you can use for your wooden wall design

Wall panels can be made from multiple kinds of wood—from softwood and cedar to walnut and teak wood—they all have their specific benefits and appeal. Let’s dive into two of the most popular types of wood for interior wall design.


While there are many types of wood on the market, solid oak wood is a timeless classic. It’s incredibly resilient, strong, and long-lasting. Because the trees themselves have such a long life, oak wood also has a lengthy lifespan. The wood is resistant to fungus, it has a noticeable grain and a pleasing light colour from the sapwood with dark amber marks from the heartwood.

Finished oak wood panelling designs look stunning and give a wonderful accent in contemporary spaces. Oak wall panels are great for textured and detailed ceilings, unique garage doors, bar front panelling, or cubbies and dividers. They can also add flair to your bedroom or guest house.

Reclaimed wood

Timber’s appearance changes over time – it becomes hardened by rain and wind, scorched by the sun, and cracked from nails and screws. We transform old timber into elegant wooden panels, giving them a second life. 

Our reclaimed wood is made of pine and spruce from old barns and mills. While some environments create dark-coloured wood, others, such as Latvia’s harsh nature, give old timber a unique silver tone. You can find out more about reclaimed wood here

Latvia’s reclaimed wood’s silver shine and antique vibe can create beautiful interior designs that are unique and sustainable. Because it’s gone through the rough impact of time and is then carefully hand-crafted into smooth boards, reclaimed wood is especially durable, sturdy, and resistant. 

Beautiful wooden wall designs and trends to choose from

Choosing a contemporary and visually appealing interior design requires staying on top of the latest trends. Let’s explore some of the trending wooden wall design ideas for your home (or office, restaurant, etc). 

Smooth brushed wood wall design

Any home can benefit from the subtle elegance and sophistication that smooth brushed wood brings. These types of wood panels can be made from reclaimed wood with an optional matte varnish or paint. This creates a wall decoration that is non-reflective, resulting in a warm cosy space that’s easy on the eye. 

To get a better idea, check out our smooth brushed wall panels: “Amber”, “Amata”, “Brut”, and “Nature”.  

Rough grey or silver wooden wall design

Enjoy the natural silver colour with brown accents created by Latvia’s nature. The grey hue adds a rustic charm to any home, while also providing a neutral backdrop for lanterns, paintings, or other design elements. 

Of course, you can achieve a grey-silver colour by staining and painting reclaimed wood, but opting for naturally grey-hued wood panels adds another level of sophistication and individuality.

Wall panels with a whitewash finish

Do you love brightness and luminosity, but you find plain white walls boring? Wall panels created from surface boards and covered with a whitewash finish may be the solution for your interior design. They’re a tasteful choice that provide a modern clean look and texture. 

You can also use whitewash wood panels to create handle-free, painted-board doors that blend seamlessly with a serene, minimalistic interior. An attractive alternative to heavy distracting armoires. 

Here’s a list of our whitewashed wall panels, from brightest to most subtle: “Mask”, “Marbel”, and “Cito”.

Checkered wooden wall panels

Checkered wooden wall panels bring texture and character to an otherwise dull space. These panels make for harmonious wall art and add an intimate touch to kitchen or living room areas. 

Our checker wood wall panels are made of solid oak wood pieces, combined together to create a captivating 3D effect. The playful symmetry of this wall design can bring dimensional elegance to any interior: “Rubato”, “Dominus”, and “Chess”.

3D wood wall panels

The irregular thickness and width of these panels will impart a unique style to your interior wall. You should be aware that maintaining these panels' appearance and cleanliness can be challenging. The ledges will need to be dusted frequently. 

You can find more 3D wall panels with contrasting colours or less eye-catching designs in our product catalogue

How can I decorate walls using wall panels?

Wood wall designs can elevate an interior wall and create the ambience you desire. When choosing wall panels, you should consider the age of your house and your personal taste. Vertical wall panelling can create a retro aesthetic 1970s vibe in a contemporary home, while adding whitewashed or silver/grey wood panels will give your old house a modern look.  

Decorative wood panels can also create optical illusions in the room. For example, if you want to exaggerate a room’s proportions, fix the panelling horizontally to make the room feel wider and longer. While placing the wood panelling vertically makes the ceiling look higher than it actually is. 

Decorative wooden wall panels can also act as a protective layer for your wall’s lower half, where there’s a lot of traffic going by. Unlike plaster or drywall, wood wall panels are easy to clean and both stain and scratch resistant. 

Can you do wood panelling yourself?

Yes, if you choose ready-made top-quality decorative wood panelling, the installation will be easy. Simply follow our instruction on how to install wood panelling.  

Of course, if you know gluing wood panels to walls will bring you more frustration than peace, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. 

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions about wall panels, reclaimed wood boards, or anything wood-related.